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About us

Founded by Jean Selverro in 1999, Comimpex has become a European leader in the production and distribution of seasonal fruits (apples, pears, chestnuts, strawberries etc.). A personalised service, availability, quality and range of products, speed of transactions, flexibility and logistical services – these are all winning criteria for Comimpex.

Our businesses

Comimpex. The dynamic team at Comimpex assists you throughout the commercial process and meets any specific request and all your requirements in terms of quality, availability and logistics.

Comimpex Comimpex develops its markets in conjunction with the largest producers in Provence, the Loire valley, the South-West, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and the Mediterranean region (Spain, Italy, Morocco, etc.). Comimpex Comimpex’s strategic location (close to two motorway exits – Avignon and Cavaillon) makes access easy for visitors, customers, suppliers and hauliers.

Its in-depth knowledge of production sites, together with rigorous selection, means that it can offer high quality products at affordable prices. Our station is certified to current standards, and offers 600m2 of storage with cold rooms for a volume of around 1000 tonnes.

Our pears

Guyot : Juicy and refreshing

La William’s : Juicy and sweet with a hint of tanginess, very aromatic

Conférence : Fine and soft, melts in the mouth

Packams : Juicy and sweet with a touch of tanginess, very fragrant

Alexandrine : Very sweet, with a buttery flavour

Doyenne du comice : Fine, soft flesh with a touch of sugar and tanginess

Harrow sweet: Firm, fine flesh that melts in the mouth, a balanced flavour between sugar and tanginess

Carmen: A very juicy pear with a subtle aroma

Our fruit

Chestnuts (available from October to December): We market chestnuts of all varieties and sizes. We import from Portugal and Spain. Regarding the packaging, we adapt to the requests of our customers.

Our seasonal fruits

We market seasonal fruits of French and Spanish origin. We pack the fruits in all types of packaging, according to the requests of our customers. It is important for us to respond optimally to each request we receive.

  • Apricots: Available from June to August
  • Kiwis: Available from January to May
  • Nectarines: Available from June to September
  • Peaches: Available from June to September
  • Cherry: Available from May to July

Our engagements