About us

Direct South Africa (DSA) lmport, founded in 2010, is the result of a joint venture between Pomanjou International and the Dutoit Group.

DSA’s mission is to import and sell fruit and vegetables from South Africa on the French market.

We are present in the offices of Pomanjou International, at the MIN in Rungis and also in the field in South Africa with producers.

Our businesses

The result of a merger between the South African producer Dutoit, the Komati Zest Fruit Group and the French producer Pomanjou (Innatis Group), DSA Import’s mission is to:

  • • Set up sourcing and distribution circuits by means of well-researched logistics,
  • • Offer a wide range of products of impeccable quality,
  • • Become a specialist in the distribution of South African products in the off-season for the French market.

Thanks to their partnership with Pomanjou International and the support of the Innatis Group, DSA lmport benefits from packing stations to fully meet the range of clients’ expectations for the packaging of imported products. We deliver our goods throughout France from the South-East, Paris and the Loire Valley.

Our products

Our apples: Pink Lady - Royal Gala - Granny Smith - Golden

Our pears: Doyenne de Comice - William’s - Abate Fetel - Packams - Forelle

Our citrus: Orange - Pomelos - Lemon

Our potatoes - Sweet potatoes: Murasaki - Bosbok - Beauregard