Les Vergers Launay

About us

Les Vergers Launay was established by the Launay family in 1970 and has been run as a family business for two generations.

Les Vergers Launay is proud to produce and sell healthy, high-quality products. Our priority is to guarantee our products’ food safety and we also follow an eco-responsible approach to reinforce the value and authenticity of our products.

Our businesses

Against a background of sustainable development and environmental control, we ensure that our production, packaging and shipping methods run efficiently every day. We are a flexible company and regularly adapt our practices to improve our quality system, in this way meeting the expectations of our clients and consumers.

We are passionate about our industry and make it a point of honour to implement our values: quality, safety, sustainability and trust, without forgetting respect for the human dimension.

This is the basis of a relationship of trust with our clients, suppliers and employees, constructed over time.

We are all involved in the day-to-day smooth running of the business and in its future improvements.

Story of les Vergers Launay

1954 The first apple orchards are planted in the heart of the Pays de la Loire.

1970 Les Vergers Launay is established by Michel Launay as a family business. The farm specialises in market gardening.

1986 Les Vergers Launay expands into arboriculture.

1993 James Launay joins Les Vergers Launay after studying arboriculture. His brother, José Launay, starts with the company in 1998 following the retirement of Michel Launay.

2005 Les Vergers Launay concludes a partnership with INRA to develop the rustic Choupette® apple. The variety is selected for its taste characteristics as well as for its production benefits as it is naturally resistant to many apple diseases, including scab, the main apple disease. .

2013 Continuing its development, Les Vergers Launay expands its packaging facilities by moving the packing station to the town of Saint Paterne Racan in northern Indre et Loire where production is also located.

2016 Les Vergers Launay joins the Pomanjou Group, now known as Innatis.

2019 Choupette® revamps its logo and launches the Choupette® Organic apple.

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