The Innatis Group a pioneering spirit since its origins


First harvest and inauguration of the packing station


First exports to Great Britain


First exports to other countries


Acquisition of Pominter


Acquisition of Cardell Group


Comimpex joins the Pomanjou Group


Les Vergers Launay joins the Pomanjou Group & the Pomanjou Group becomes Innatis.


All Innatis operations receive High Environmental Value certification HVE 3

An apple grower first and foremost

Innatis is primarily an apple grower and its objective is to develop its orchards and support the people who work there.
Our agricultural experts are always busy in our orchards, checking the trees and fruit. We offer a diverse output of many different apple varieties. Investment is a priority for our orchards:

Our orchards are diversified and consist of multiple varieties.
Investment in our orchards is a priority:

• club varieties represent more than 60% of our orchard area, a trend that is increasing.
• The orchard renewal rate is over 5% per year.

Complete integration of the sector

Innatis is a group that brings together expertise in growing, packing and marketing apples and stone fruits throughout France. Innatis consists of:

  • Orchards with High Environmental Value certification
  • A growers’ organisation: Innafruits
  • Refrigerated fruit storage
  • Fruit packing stations
  • 5 commercial brands in France :
    • Pomanjou / LVL
    • Cardell
    • Pominter
    • DSA
    • Domaine des Coteaux
  • A logistics network that efficiently meets all our clients’ needs

Expert knowledge

Innatis applies family know-how in order to grow healthy, high-quality fruit and established the Innafruits growers’ organisation in 2020. 

Innafruits promotes environmental considerations and eco-responsible practices. All Innafruits' orchards have been approved as eco-responsible (Eco-responsible Orchards label) and awarded High Environmental Value certification.

"We offer members of our growers’ organisation preferential access to exclusive Innatis club varieties. We provide technical assistance and customised advice on innovative production techniques, such as fruiting walls and pedestrian orchards, two Innatis specialities," explains Arnaud de Puineuf, Innafruits President. 

Sustainable, eco-responsible approach

All Innafruits' orchards have been approved as eco-responsible
(Eco-responsible Orchards label) and awarded High Environmental Value certification.

Active & global listening at the heart of the business

Over the years, Innatis has built up historic partnerships with producers who are associated with our process of developing exclusive club varieties

To protect the environment and biodiversity in its orchards, Innafruits has implemented:
A total of 7.6km of lake borders
1.1km of embankments
A total of 192,187m2 of fallow land
7,920m2 of buffer strips
12,000m2 of flower strips
15 nest boxes for tits
A total of 37km of hedgerows in our orchards
A total of 12km of orchard on the edges of forests
20 observation boxes for wild pollinators
10 orchards participating in the agricultural biodiversity observatory

A 100% recyclable offer

Innatis is committed to eco-responsible processes in production but also in the packaging that we offer our customers. We have invested in machinery to package the product in 100% carboard recyclable punnets, to take all the plastic out of this packaging.