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All our apples – exclusive or not – are produced in specific regions, in apple-producing areas of France: Loire Valley, the South-East and the South-West.

We have developed, perfected and implemented, with our technicians and the people responsible for the orchards and fruit-packing stations, our own growing, storage and packing methods up to the point of sale. These methods adhere to specific plans adapted to each variety. This allows Innatis to offer a large selection of varieties to appeal to everyone’s taste; from the widespread traditional varieties to our exclusives (club varieties) such as: HoneyCrunch®, Juliet®, Lolipop®, Choupette® and Zingy®.



Here at INNATIS , we have invested to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Every year, sizeable budgets are devoted to keeping us consistent with the innovations introduced in our industry, and allowing us to implement those that are approved. INNATIS  also endeavours to validate and share the innovations discovered and developed in-house, to the benefit of the wider community. We have revolutionised our working methods to have a positive impact on the environment.

All our orchards have been awarded the label Eco-Responsible Orchards  Vergers Ecoresponsables. This certifies that all INNATIS orchards adhere to and respect the Integrated Fruit Production Charter.



Innovation is a natural part of our business culture and fully occupies its place in INNATIS. This commitment to innovation is one of the main reasons why INNATIS  is today the largest private player in the apple distribution market in France.
We believe that research and development of new varieties, but also new techniques in growing, storage, packing and transport, are essential for our evolution and our development in a highly competitive environment. We are not about to give up our current leadership position; instead we want to confirm it, which is why we devote major R&D budgets every year throughout the sector.



The quality processes we have been implementing for a number of years have led to increased quality in our offer and have allowed us to access demanding and top-of-the-range markets.
This process covers all our production and commercialisation companies. It means that we can guarantee our customers perfect food security, thanks to our growing know-how and traceability that is monitored constantly. GlobalGap is the international standard for good agricultural practices, guaranteeing healthy, sustainable food produced by passionate farmers.
GlobalGap is the international standard for good agricultural practices, guaranteeing healthy, sustainable food produced by passionate farmers.
Agriculture Biologique   is the Organic Agriculture standard that guarantees quality associated with an environmentally-friendly production method.