About us

Pomanjou International is a French apple growing company that sells about 50,000 tonnes of fruit in France, Europe and further afield.

Pomanjou International production is spread over 10 orchards located in the Loire Valley. Storage is at a 28,000 m2 site in Angers, while most of the packaging is conducted in a plant recently opened in La Chapelle d’Aligné.

Pomanjou International manages the entire process from production to marketing, including orchard management, grading and packing at stations.

Our businesses

The Pomanjou Group focuses on developing increasingly innovative methods to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of its activities. The Group has introduced natural predators (e.g. ladybirds) to reduce the proliferation of pests in its orchards. Pheromone traps also drastically reduce the use of phytosanitary products. Moreover, fruit is picked by hand before being transported to the packing stations.

Grading involves sorting the apples by size, color and quality. First of all we carry out a sorting by discarding the fruits presenting defects and not being in conformity with the specifications of our customers. To ensure the quality of our fruits, we then carry out a quality control to check the sugar level as well as the firmness of the fruits. This step allows us to determine which apples will go to the consumer's table and which will be destined for the industry for the production of pies, cakes, compote and juice.

For packaging We have a wide range of suitable and customizable packaging to best meet consumer expectations. We offer different packaging such as cardboard trays, bushels, trays and nets. We have invested in machines to pack in 100% cardboard, recyclable trays, in order to offer a plastic-free alternative.

Story of Pomanjou

1954 The first apple orchards are planted in the heart of the Pays de la Loire.

1960 The initial apple harvests are gathered in and a packing station opened in Écouflant (Maine-et-Loire). The aim is to innovate on the French and European markets that were relatively undeveloped. It was at this time that we sought to import new varieties such as Granny Smith® and Royal Gala® into Europe.

1982 Family firms gather into a joint venture: the Loire Valley Arboriculturists Cooperative (CAVL).

1986 CAVL members decide to set up a marketing and promotion tool for their products. This is the birth of Pomanjou International.

1999 The Pomanjou Group acquires the exclusive European operating licence for Honeycrunch®

2016 The Innatis Group and Pomanjou commit to planting and marketing Zingy® apples in Europe. This new variety is sold from 2019.

2019 Pomanjou conducts a major expansion of its storage capacity. This involves the construction of a 5,200-tonne capacity cold storage warehouse, co-financed by the Pays de la Loire Region and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADER). The warehouse consists of 16 cells equipped to preserve fruit in a controlled atmosphere (4,360-tonne capacity) and a cold room with an 840-tonne capacity.

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